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You have already figured out that Dave Titus has a passion for string figures and teaching them to others so they may join in the fun. Let me tell you how some of this happens.

Randy Warren started out as my mechanic. (Doing string figures all over puts lots of miles on the car) He also became my web master and has done a wonderful job of keeping me in the 21st century. He also SUGGESTED that I have a secure site and be able to take Paypal and credit cards. Randy is good at coming up with ideas to move me forward.

When Doris Hyde, who set up my books and kept them going the first few years, reached 70, she decided to retire. I needed a clerk and Lynna Warren, Randy's wife suggested that she would be interested. But she didn't want to come to my home office to do the work. Why not move the stuff to their automotive repair and parts shop. That move allowed Lynna do my books and shipping and also theirs in the same place.

They had extra room and it was a perfect fit. They wont take money for rent, use of the DSL, Utilities etc. I use their 800 number and have lots of storage space for books, videos and strings. They just say that they enjoy being a part of it and want people to have fun with string . Where can you find friends like that?

Sometimes when you call you might get Randy or his father Gene Warren. Tell them thanks for being a part of this enterprise.

The strings are made in Lawton by Goodwill Industries Of Southwestern Oklahoma And North Texas. The developmentally and physically disabled adults weld and fold the strings and are paid for each one they complete. With the raise in minimum wage there will probably be some increase in the price of strings in the future, but it is only proper that they make a living wage.


Check back often for more supplies for string games, string figures and string fun.